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Neil Wilkerson


I am Neil Wilkerson, better known as “Neighbor Neil”.  I am a husband of 27 years to my high school sweetheart, a father of two, and currently an IT Field Engineer for Hitachi Data Systems. But I have another identity that I want to pursue; Master Brewer of my own Microbrewery, because Craft Beer Brewing is my passion!

In 1990, in the local Columbia MO newspaper, I read an article about home-brewing. I researched and found my local home-brew supply shop and purchased the boil from a can brew kit. In my mobile home kitchen, with not enough money to buy my lunch the rest of the week, I brewed my first batch of beer. I can’t say that I was successful right out of the chute, but the home-brew bug had bitten me.

In 2011, my knowledge, space and equipment  for home-brew had grown. I managed to piece together from 3 rooms in my home basement, a make shift brewery. I had taken the brew process from kit beer to partial grain brewing. I discovered that I liked lagered German style beers, and that became my niche. I began sharing my beer with a very appreciative neighborhood. Friends nicknamed my house, myself  and my craft beers as “Neighbor Neil’s” and I enjoyed the process, the people and the product.

In 2015, a move to the country allowed me to expand my brewing obsession. I built a 20’ by 40’ devoted space to my home-brewing craft, affectionately dubbed “ Neighbor Neil’s Stillhouse Brewery” by my family and friends. I had purchased more equipment, sought out quality raw materials, and am now producing from grain to glass, with a process that mimics a large craft beer brewery operation. With 8 to 10 different beers on tap, I have managed to consistently produce a variety of high quality craft beers, time and time again.


The most rewarding part of this is that I have managed to make craft beer drinkers out of people that didn’t even realize that they like beer. With the support of family and friends, the encouragement of fellow brewers, both home and professional,  I am ready to turn my passion into my next career.


Luke adams

General Manager

Official Title: General Manager


When did you start working for DCBC: January 2020


Describe your role:

Manage front of house operations and bar


What do you like about your job: Educating guests about craft beer and making friends over a pint


What's your favorite DCBC beer:

Vienna lager 


Name one random fact about yourself: Husband, father of two, heavy metal enthusiast, theater kid, Jedi Knight, NBA junkie, generally hangry 

Contact Luke by clicking here!


taran Winnie

Brewmaster Extraordinaire

Official Title:

Head Brewer


When did you start working for DCBC:

March 2018. 


What is your background?

I received a Master's in Brewing Science from University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. I interned with Guinness US out of Baltimore in their recipe development test brewhouse. 


Describe your role:

From grain to glass, it's my job to make sure that every beer we brew is our best one yet. For the most part, that means cleaning. Clean fermenters, clean kegs, and clean lines, all equal clean, delicious beer! I work to bring together the best ingredients available to develop, brew, and deliver the Dubious Claims beers you all love! 


What do you like about your job:

If any brewer tells you they don't like cleaning, that's a dubious claim. But I also truly enjoy all the wonderful feedback and happy faces I see when people enjoy our beer. 


What's your favorite DCBC beer:

Whatever's fresh out of the brite tank! But out of our staples, the Elixir stout is my favorite because it was the first recipe I developed for Dubious Claims.


Name one random fact about yourself:

I read 62 books in 2021! 


Lauren Cazzell

Jill of All Trades

Official Title:

I have no idea

When did you start working for DCBC:

I was the first front of house employee hired in March of 2018

Describe your role:

Jane of All Trades? I am a bartender, server, the cleaning lady and whatever else is asked of me!


What do you like about your job:

I love helping people find a new beer they like or expand their palates with drinks they would have never tried on their own. 

What's your favorite DCBC beer:

Anything with tons of hops! Give me all the IPAs!

Name one random fact about yourself:

My dog dogs, Gus and Maverick, are my babies and I sometimes call them my children!


skyla sullivan


Official Title:

Marketing / Event Coordinator

When did you start working for DCBC:

Spring 2018


Describe your role:

I run the social media for Dubious Claims, update the website and design most marketing materials, menus, etc. Additionally, I help coordinate private events for guests, and occasionally whole venue events in general. Also, while not in my official job duties, I did develop the idea for the beer cheese Mac & Cheese on the menu. Not to brag, but it's straight up delightful ;-)

What do you like about your job:

The people I've met! Also, marketing is fun and I like the chance to be creative while helping spread the word about an awesome business. 


What's your favorite DCBC beer:

Blueberry Wheat

Name one random fact about yourself:

I have 2 wild kids and spend most of my spare time mindlessly scrolling TikTok

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